How to Keep a Positive Mood in Your Marriage

In the seventies there were a lot of fads. One of them was mood rings.  They hung around about as long as the 8-track player. I didn’t wear a mood ring.  My girlfriend back then did.  I [...]


3 Keys to Success I Learned From a Caddy

I want to talk about how you can be successful in your interpersonal relationships.  The three keys I am about to share, I picked up on a golf course the other day from a caddy. Let me begin by [...]


3 Key Assets Every Dad Can Give to His Kids

My dad looked at my lip and turned to my mom and said, “He’s going to need stitches.”  I was five years old and my upper lip was sliced open after I stumbled into a sharp [...]


Are You a Family on the Run or a Family Having Fun?

  In 1990, the blockbuster movie, “Home Alone” was released in theaters and took America by storm.  Who could forget 8 year-old Kevin McCallister, the adorable blond-haired boy?  The poor [...]