Hi, I’m Don Olund, a Hinsdale, IL-based relationship coach and couples counselor.

Working with me, clients like you have:

  • Learned how to shift their communication style to increase positive interactions with others
  • Become experts in understanding power dynamics and how this reduces tension and increases mutual respect
  • Developed effective strategies in managing emotions in encounters with others in a stressful situation
  • Broken negative conflict patterns and established more effective ways to resolve conflicts.
  • Become more emotionally connected to people in their inner circle at home and work

My Story

Hi, I’m Don Olund. I am a licensed, clinical, professional counselor and relationship coach with an expertise in communication, power dynamics, and conflict-resolution. I work with high-achieving professionals who also want healthy relationships but often feel lost and stuck in negative patterns.

I think I understand you:

You want better connections with the people who surround you, whether at home or at work. Time and energy are two very important commodities in your day and you don’t want to waste them being stuck in interpersonal conflicts. You want to be heard and understood. But you also understand it goes both ways. You, perhaps, struggle with some aspects of communication and understanding others but you really do care about their needs too. Simply put, you wish you had some effective tools to help you be a better communicator and leader at home and at work.

I understand where you are: trying to manage two very valuable worlds, home and work.

I understand that delicate balance, personally.

For over a decade, I have been running a successful in-person counseling practice with more than 8 staff and 5000 clients.

It’s my passion, my life’s work, and my purpose to be of-service, provide a safe space for our clients to learn and grow, and help people like you live lives they’re proud of.

Over the last three years, we’ve launched a new virtual executive coaching arm of the practice, making our services more diverse and accessible to more people who know their lives and relationships could be more connected and meaningful.

Want to know more?

Here’s a bit more about my background and how I came to this work:

I knew early on that I was meant to make a difference in the life of others.  As the fourth of five children, I knew that to get along I had to be caring, flexible and respectful.

My youngest brother, Tom, was born with disabilities that required special attention.  In order to connect with my brother, I had to adapt to his way of communicating. My siblings and I had to focus, slow down and listen and in some cases, we had to ask more questions to really get the heart of what he was trying to say.

Making an effort to listen and understand others is an essential aspect of successful relationships.

Caring for Tom created strong and meaningful relationships in our family. We took on the responsibility of care and made personal sacrifices to meet his needs.  Compassion, sacrifice, accommodation, and understanding were some of the things I learned in caring for my brother.  I carried these core elements into my professional career.

For twenty-five years I served in pastoral ministry combining relational and spiritual gifts to provide solid leadership from a compassionate heart.  As a

I am the author of  a book about relationships called Bringing Respect Back: Communicating Without Conflict.  In it I address respect, a missing element that contributes to a breakdown in relationships.   I teach my readers how to give and earn respect by offering tools and strategies that improves communication and builds trust.  The dual benefit is less conflict and more connection.

My second book: Bringing Intimacy Back: Restoring Romance in Your Relationship is currently in writing.

My blog and podcast serves my passion about transformation.  It is focused on helping couples and families connect.  I communicate about things that matter to people who want to connect.  So, I regularly cover topics like communication, conflict-resolution, intimacy, marriage, parenting, and self-improvement.  What sets me apart from other bloggers/podcasts is that I like to dig into the complex problems and help my followers not only understand relationship patterns, but how to change them by offering tools and strategies that work.


“Don Olund lives what he preaches. He is present, focused and able to connect on the deepest personal level. He has sound knowledge base and is eager to learn. His message to the world is to that we can learn to be happy and connected to others. I highly recommend Don.” 

Jon Carlson, Psy.D, Ed.D

“From the moment that I met Don, I knew that there was something special about him. He possesses not only kindness and strength, but an envious wealth of knowledge.  I have known Don for several years now and he has far surpassed my expectations for him as a counselor, colleague, and friend.  We have worked together clinically and as teachers at Governors State University. I was so impressed with him that when I had the opportunity to write a book I knew that he had to be a part of that project. He proved to be a gifted author in addition to a gifted counselor and teacher. 

Shea M. Dunham MSW, MS.Ed, Ph.D.