You’re sick of having the same fight over and over again
You’re saying things to yourself like
“This isn’t what I signed up for” Or
“Aren’t we better than this?”

You feel like you’re in a constant loop of fighting,
resentment, reconciliation…

until the next fight happens…

And you simply don’t know how to break the cycle.

You’re in a conflict pattern.
If you are stuck in that fighting rut,
If you feel like you are freezing each other out,
or even if it doesn’t feel like you’re actively fighting, this is a conflict cycle. 

You may have tried all the things to avoid conflict:
Avoiding each other
Swearing off talk about certain topics altogether
Biting your tongue—a lot!
You’re working hard to get back to the couple you used to be…
And there’s nothing you want more than to restore closeness, connection, and intimacy. 

We can help.

How to Break a Conflict Pattern

What you’ll learn:

  • What happens in the typical conflict cycle
  • How to get to  mutual ownership of the conflict
  • How to lower the temperature on a heated exchange
  • How to repair
  • A quick script to pivot from “acting out” mode to “we respond” mode

What you get:

  • Three video tutorials
    • What is a conflict pattern
    • How to break a conflict cycle or pattern
    • How to do an effective repair
  • Three expanded audio episodes featuring deep-dive conversations that apply real-life context to your conflict pattern and Don’s recommendations
  • Quick scripts to help you frame your language so you know exactly what to say, including: 
    • What to say when you are both out of line
    • What can I say to fix things after I’ve blown it
    • How to voice a complaint without being critical
    • How to get things back on track after a major argument
  • PDF guide for visual learners including an action plan for integrating these strategies

How to Break a Conflict Pattern


  • Download the ultimate guide for:
  • Recognizing
  • Interrupting
  • Repairing
  • Your conflict cycle.
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