Work With Don

I work with individuals, couples, executives and parents
to help them improve communication, master conflict
resolution, enhance leadership, develop social and relationship skills,
and more.

 My clients often tell me that I really “get” them.

Whether we work together during a particularly intense time in your relationship, or you come to me to improve your productivity and effectiveness as a leader, through my executive coaching program, you’ll:

  • Gain insight into what makes you tick and what wears you down
  • Identify your strengths
  • Understand the patterns that develop and prevent you from resolving problems
  • Develop skills in listening, speaking, validating, and connecting with a partner, or even a colleague
  • Respond effectively and productively to others’ emotions

I use an effective evidence-based approach with strategies proven to help couples and individuals function better and with less conflict and more closeness.

I also believe that a sense of humor helps us keep things in perspective. So we may even find a moment to laugh, too.

Life is a journey.  The path is not always easy to see or follow.  Whether you’re confronting  relationship or parenting challenge or you are looking for someone to understand you and the challenge you face, please reach out.

I listen empathically, convey an understanding and offer solutions. You will create new patterns of interaction and transform negative relationship patterns into positive connections.

Here's how I work with people


Relationship Coaching

One-on-one coaching that focuses on helping the client improve social and relationship skills.

Couples Coaching

One-on-two coaching that delivers tools to couples that help them improve communication, conflict-resolution, and meeting needs within the relationship.

Executive Coaching

Working with the professional to increase EQ output levels, personal and leadership development, and interpersonal skill enhancement.

Parent Coaching

Working with parents to improve parenting skills, educate on child development processes, and establishing a healthy and respectful family environment.

Guest Speaker

With over 30 years of experience as a public speaker, Don commands an audience with his winsome personality, expertise, and relevant content. Don has experience in keynote presentations, conference speaker, workshop presenter.

Stay tuned for special group programs, video and audio series, and other resources I’ll be rolling out, so you can dive into this work no matter where you are no matter what time of day it is.