Sound Advice From Ashley Madison

If you have been following the news lately you probably heard about the hacking and publishing of individuals who subscribe to a website called Ashley Madison. It serves married people interested [...]


Staying Together

Staying together when a relationship is not working is not an easy decision. No matter what others may say, in the end it has to make sense to you. After all, no one else walks in your shoes but [...]


Ending Marriage: How to Know for Yourself When it is Over

Ending marriage is not a subject I like to talk about. It cuts agains the grain of my passion. Helping couples and families connect. The reality is, not all marriages succeed. More than half end [...]


5 Symptoms of a Toxic Relationship

You know that queasy feeling you get sometimes in a relationship? You want it to work but the more you try the worse you feel? Our bodies have a way of warning us something is not right. A queasy [...]


How My Mess Gave Me a Message

I knew I would eventually write about this but didn’t know when or how. To be quite honest, I felt ashamed. I also felt fear. How will people react? Will I be judged? How will it change [...]