7 Kid-Safety Rules for Divorce

Couples in broken marriages want out, but what often keeps them in is fear over how divorce may impact their kids. “Our marriage is broken but do we want to break up the family?” So they work [...]


7 Deadly Sins of Divorce

If you come from a Judeo-Christian background or watch the anime series on Netflix, you’ve heard the term “seven deadly sins”. The concept originated in the 3rd century by a [...]


Ending Marriage: How to Know for Yourself When it is Over

Ending marriage is not a subject I like to talk about. It cuts agains the grain of my passion. Helping couples and families connect. The reality is, not all marriages succeed. More than half end [...]


How My Mess Gave Me a Message

I knew I would eventually write about this but didn’t know when or how. To be quite honest, I felt ashamed. I also felt fear. How will people react? Will I be judged? How will it change [...]