Your holiday relationship survival guide!

Most of my childhood memories of Christmas are pleasant. I was fortunate to belong to a close family. But one holiday my parents got into a huge argument. It shook me up. I cannot recall what it [...]


What to Empower so Your Kid Can be Successful in Life

Last week I wrote about entitlement, the viral attack on kids today. I traced the origins of this virus and the negative effect it has on the family, especially kids. You can check it out here. I [...]


Hey Parents! How to avoid a mediocre marriage

The other day, an article caught my attention in the Guardian, a United Kingdom publication. It is entitled, Want to Save Your Marriage? Don’t have kids. Please don’t read it until [...]


How Multigenerational Families Benefit Everyone

The idea for this blog was unearthed after an interesting week of family interactions. It reminded me of how multigenerational families benefit everyone. Earlier in the week I was on the phone [...]


The Most Important Dish on Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving meal ranks at the top of my list of family gatherings. Let’s face it–we Americans love our turkey! Over the years, we have concocted several ways to cook the bird: baked, [...]


5 Reasons Why Kids Need Chores

A few weeks ago I called my daughter Candace to catch up. I knew it was the first day of summer break for her kids so I asked, “Are you gearing up to have the kids home all [...]


How to be a Values-Driven Family

Families are driven. What drives your family? I see two family models. Culturally-driven family and values-driven family. One is more popular than the other. Can you guess which one? If you [...]