7 Ways You Can Make Your Marriage Better

2018 has been a mixed bag in my marriage. We had some pretty cool things happen. Like our trip to Switzerland with my youngest son Jordan. But then we also experienced some pain. Two weeks before [...]


Will it be enough for me to stay?

“We’re not in a good place and haven’t been for some time. My partner doesn’t want the relationship to end and is willing to work harder at it. Will it be enough for me to [...]


3 Critical Expectations You Cannot Avoid Talking About

When it comes to expectations about married life this is a question in the minds of most partners. “What do you expect from me?” Have you asked this of each other? And—have you taken time to [...]


5 Do’s and Don’ts of Couple Communication

When it comes to couple communication, here’s a request I get a lot. “Help us learn how to communicate right!” Sadly, many of the couples asking the question have been married for several [...]


1 Thing That Sets Connected Couples Apart

What is the one thing that sets connected couples apart from others? It’s not just what they do per se. We’ve covered that in previous blogs. Things like: good communication mutual support [...]


5 Things to Consider Before You Enter an Affair

About 3 years ago an unmasking happened that rocked marriages. Someone hacked into Ashley Madison’s 37 million subscriber database exposing the identities of individuals seeking an affair. AM’s [...]


After Years of Unhappiness Can Couples Change?


5 Habits of a Power Couple

Are you a power couple? Do you even know what that question means? Hollywood carefully crafted it’s definition featuring their poster couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, until they broke [...]


Why Marriages Struggle: getting to the heart of the problem

Do you want to get at the heart of the problem why couples struggle? Let’s figure it out and see if we can find a way to help couples soar. Ask the average couple the question, “Why does [...]


How to Cultivate Like-minded Love

When I was a kid, I remember exchanging cards with classmates on Valentines Day. Everyone was your valentine! Later, when I fell in love and got married, I felt pressure like other guys to use [...]

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