Will it be enough for me to stay?

“We’re not in a good place and haven’t been for some time. My partner doesn’t want the relationship to end and is willing to work harder at it. Will it be enough for me to [...]


How to Heal When Love Hurts

I see the pain of love everyday. Love hurts. I’m experiencing it right now as the failing health of my mom is a stark reminder that I will not have her with me forever. How can something [...]


After Years of Unhappiness Can Couples Change?


How to be the storyteller of your amazing life

Sometimes life can feel robotic. We get up every morning following the same script from the day before. Pressures of maintaining a household compounded by work demands seem to fill every waking [...]


Finding a way to survive your storm

In recent days I’ve encountered several storms. Two days ago I delivered a eulogy for my dear cousin Howie who died on Christmas day. While spending time supporting fellow family members [...]


Starting Over: How to Know When You’re Ready to Begin a New Relationship


How to Focus on Work When Your Personal Life is in Shambles

Many years ago my personal life was in shambles. At the time I was going through divorce. I faced many challenges: concerns about my kids, establishing new housing, paying bills, and several [...]


How to Overcome Your Fear of the Unknown

Many years ago when I was going through divorce, followed by a career change, I had no idea how things were going to work out. The unknown was intimidating to say the least. I was afraid that I [...]


10 Steps to Move Past the Past

“Oh, that’s water under the bridge.” This is a statement some make who think you cannot change what has happened in the past. Is moving forward as simple as that? Hardly, but it [...]

How to Help When Someone You Care About is Grieving

Today is Memorial Day, a national holiday established in 1971 to honor those in military service who sacrificed their lives to protect our nation and preserve our liberty. I invite you to join me [...]

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