After the Affair: Can We Recover?

In recent years, we’ve witnessed our fair share of natural disasters. Perhaps you experienced one firsthand. Watching the news I try to imagine what it is like for people who see their [...]


Before the Affair – What Puts Your Marriage at Risk

A few years ago Marian and I decided to remodel our kitchen. We chose to do a complete demolition down to the studs and rebuild with upgraded materials, appliances, and furnishings. To chronicle [...]


How to Rebuild Trust

In my profession, I help couples rebuild trust that is broken. They want to know if the relationship can be restored. I offer them hope that it can, but will take an effort from both. Broken [...]


Sound Advice From Ashley Madison

If you have been following the news lately you probably heard about the hacking and publishing of individuals who subscribe to a website called Ashley Madison. It serves married people interested [...]