10 ways to stop walking on eggshells

Clearing the eggshells Eggshells do not promote a healthy environment for family living. Ignoring them is not a good strategy. You cannot afford to keep making excuses and denying the severity of [...]


Hey Spouse! Here’s your wake up call

Have you ever felt like your spouse doesn’t get it? You try expressing your concerns that the marriage is struggling but it falls on deaf ears. Or maybe you get a paltry answer like, [...]


3 Subtle Reactions that Threaten Your Marriage

I noticed a reaction in me the other night that caught my attention. At first it was subtle–a little difficult to detect. But the more it played out in my mind, the stronger it felt. I was [...]


5 Symptoms of a Toxic Relationship

You know that queasy feeling you get sometimes in a relationship? You want it to work but the more you try the worse you feel? Our bodies have a way of warning us something is not right. A queasy [...]