Coaching Approach

bridge to beachLife is a journey.  The path is not always easy to see or follow.  People seek coaching for a variety of reasons: personal improvement, relationship challenges and effective parenting solutions . However, another reason people reach out for help is because they are looking for someone to understand them and the challenges they face along the path. They want someone who listens empathically, conveys an understanding and offers solutions to their problems.



Compassionate & Professional

Get ConnectedI take a compassionate and professional approach in coaching, adhering to evidenced-based practices that work. My aim is to help clients gain insight, identify strengths, and develop skills to improve the quality of their lives. I am highly relational, instinctive, practical, and collaborative. My authentic demeanor is engaging and my use of humor helps clients keep things in perspective.




Communication Specialist

FightingMy specialty as a communication specialist helps me understand and relate to different points of view in couple and/or family conflict. My ability to maintain neutrality creates safety and trust, the necessary elements to transform negative relationship patterns into positive connections.  When coaching couples, I help them develop good skills in speaking, listening, validating, and connecting with each other. Guys like my ability to help them tune into and respond to the emotions of their spouse/partner.


Conflict Management

ConflictAs a human systems analyst, I am an expert in identifying how relational patterns develop and are maintained to prevent problems from being resolved. I call it “the dance” couples or families get stuck doing over and over. Here is where I am most helpful to clients because I am able to help them learn a new dance. By creating a different pattern of interaction based on respect, individuals in a family learn how to communicate well, manage conflict, and increase connection.



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