All About We: Episode 02 Why You Need to Lower Your Expectations

Welcome to All About We, a podcast about relationships, what complicates them and what makes them successful with, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Relationship Coach Don Olund and Communication Expert and Self-Improvement Devotee Amanda Berlin. This episode, we’re diving into expectations, and why, maybe, you should consider lowering yours. A study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, “Should Spouses Be Expecting Less From Marriage?” shows that the key to not being disappointed in your relationship could be lowering your expectations, and communicating clearly about what you really need and want. In this episode, we talk about: Relationship perceptions and stereotypes you should leave at the door to avoid having too-high expectations How to articulate your expectations so your spouse can hear them (and not zone out or get defensive) and act accordingly How to really stand behind your wants, needs and desires, and why SELF-respect is essential in this process Tell us what you think. We’d love to hear what you have to say. And please tell us what topics you’d like to hear us cover in the future. Finally, leave a comment or review in iTunes. We’d be ever-so-grateful!