All About We: Episode 03 What to Do When Your Woman Cries

Welcome to All About We, a podcast about relationships, what complicates them and what makes them successful with, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Relationship Coach Don Olund and Communication Expert and Self-Improvement Devotee Amanda Berlin. Today we are talking those salty things that come from the corner of your eyes when you’re sad…or angry…or frustrated…or happy…or — you get the point. Some of us wear our emotions on our sleeve. And, some others among us don’t always get that or know what to do with it. Today we’re talking about what to do when your partner is showing [maybe you’d call it extreme] emotions and you’re not quite sure how to respond. You’ll hear some tidbits on: How the ways we’ve been nurtured contributes to a misunderstanding of tears What to do when all your spouse can do is say “What can I do to make it stop?!?!” What to do when you’re confronted with a crier (i.e. how to make it stop) How to ask for what you need in those emotional moments This is an issue near and dear to Amanda’s heart — hear her personal experience of dealing with being labeled “a crier.” Tell us what you think. We’d love to hear what you have to say. And please tell us what topics you’d like to hear us cover in the future. Finally, leave a comment or review in iTunes. We’d be ever-so-grateful!