What is systems counseling? In a systems counseling approach, the counselor focuses on the entire relational system, a family and how people interact.  The focus of attention is not on the past, rather we look at current patterns of behavior and identify ways in which changes by one or more of the family members can transform how people relate to one another. Do I need to come to the sessions with my partner/spouse/family/sibling/etc? No, I work with individuals as we as couples, families and other groups.  Not all parties need to be present.  However, we will be looking at your patterns with the context of the relationship. Do you work with X type of relationship? Yes, I work with all types of relationships–couples, parent/child, siblings, groups, businesses, entrepreneurial teams, as well as X. Can I contact you by email if I have questions you haven’t addressed? Yes, feel free to email me: don@donolund.com