Get to Know Your Hosts and The Why Behind This Podcast


Every week, we share something that will inspire, instruct, and motivate you to do something about your current life situation and relationship to keep you from becoming stuck because being stuck sucks – and transformation is possible. 

There is no perfect relationship because we all are flawed people – and to be able to live together, respect each other, accept our differences, laugh at our imperfections, and do life together is just powerful. It’s not always easy to achieve, but it is something we can all aspire to.  

About the Hosts

Amanda Berlin is a marketing consultant and business coach for small business owners who know they are good at what they do, but not enough people know about them. Amanda worked for 12 years in the New York City Public Relations world before starting her own business in 2012. She helps small business owners use the tried and true visibility tactics big firms use to get their names out there. 

Don Olund is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and the owner of LifeWork Counseling, a Chicago-based private practice. With expertise in marriage and family counseling, Don works with a team of counselors in covering a wide range of mental health needs.  

Don is the founder of Gudlife, a membership for individuals and couples who want on-demand access to resources and tools to help them grow in their relationships. For high-level business positions, Don also provides executive coaching, where he focuses on relationship dynamics to help professionals navigate interpersonal relationship expectations at work and home. 

The Why Behind the Podcast

Amanda Berlin and Don Olund started working together in 2014 when Don wanted to hone his online presence and develop a brand that would speak for him in the virtual world. 

Inspired by Don’s work, Amanda is committed to helping Don get his message across. Amanda believes that people need to hear Don’s voice, and she will help ask the real questions and be a sounding board for the context that people need.  

Moreover, Don hopes to help people grow in their relationships with authenticity, developing meaningful relationships and substantial connections. 

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