CroppedI am relationship specialist.  My passion is about transformation. With a background in professional counseling and executive coaching I enjoy helping people overcome challenges in their interpersonal relationships.  I listen carefully, respond empathically, and provide tools, strategies, and support that help people find solutions to their problems. Transformation happens when relationships become authentic, intimate, and lasting.

RespectFinalWebCheck out my new book!

“I have written a new book about relationships called Bringing Respect Back: Communicating Without Conflict.  In it I address respect, a missing element and major cause in the breakdown of relationships.   I teach my readers how to give and earn respect by offering tools and strategies that improves communication and builds trust.  The dual benefit is less conflict and more connection.”

Bringing Respect Back: Communicating Without the Conflict

How do people get along in your family? Generally speaking, are they nice to one another? Or do they tend to fight a lot? Are you tired of heated arguments that never get resolved? Does every conversation have to be a contest of wills? Do you feel like the people you care about don’t care about you? Have you felt like you are in a one-sided relationship?  Learn more…

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