How the Pandemic Transformed Relationships: How to Correct Damage Done to Your Familial Relationships

COVID has perhaps been the most influential, transformative factor in relationships over the last several years.  The pandemic, in and of itself, is terrifying, being locked in our homes and seeing streets left like ghost towns. Then there’s an added layer of fear around not being able to work, not being able to put food on the table, and not being able to pay our expenses or pay rent, and the consequences are perhaps even more terrifying. All that has put a lot of stress not just on ourselves, but on our kids as well, who had to adjust from a classroom setting to looking at a computer screen. Not to mention, the opposing views that have caused rifts among family members.  And so, how do we correct the damage done to our familial relationships? 3 Things Not Working in Familial Relationships Today
  1. Managing the stress and keeping their cool
The pandemic has caused an economic fallout that has a significant impact on families. In fact, 63 million adults, or 29% of all adults in our country have reported somewhat or very difficult circumstances for their household just to cover usual expenses. 
  1. Kids needing mental health support
Reports show a decrease in learning with kids. Remote learning was difficult for many of them as well as being able to concentrate, stay focused, and have the energy and motivation. And parents having to focus on work, the house, and the kids’ education was just creating an enormous amount of stress. Some parents are overwhelmed themselves, so they’re not catching the stress in their kids. They may see their kids acting out or being resistant or being defiant, which is not just a behavioral issue, but a mental health issue as well. 
  1. Getting back to those differences between people on positions
Couples and family members struggle to communicate about the topic because it just becomes so heated. They have a hard time respecting differences while preserving the integrity of the relationship.  Ways to Correct the Damage in Familial Relationships
  1. Check in as a family.
As parents, talk less, listen more, and let your kids talk. Don’t interrupt them. Don’t try to correct them. Don’t try to defend why things are the way they are. Don’t try to fix them. Try to understand them. 
  1. Modify your lifestyle to incorporate activities that increase positive connections.
One of the best treatments for mental health is human connection. Bonding, we will all have a basic need for love and belonging that is in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. And this is what a lot of us are missing today is bonding.
  1. Detox from your devices.
A lot of people in terms of coping with COVID escaped on their devices. We have become overly attached to our devices. Hold the line and also lead by example. Do not allow the differences around COVID to define your relationship. Don’t let it define your marriage or your family relationships. Obviously, set boundaries around the topic, and work extra hard at finding ways to stay connected.  If you want to learn more about how to repair the damage COVID has done to your familial relationships, check out