7 Ways You Can Make Your Marriage Better

2018 has been a mixed bag in my marriage. We had some pretty cool things happen. Like our trip to Switzerland with my youngest son Jordan. But then we also experienced some pain. Two weeks before [...]


How to work through major problems

All couples encounter major problems from time-to-time. You are not going to get along 24/7. Problems don’t disappear once you adjust. Expect occasional conflicts throughout married life. This is [...]


3 Critical Expectations You Cannot Avoid Talking About

When it comes to expectations about married life this is a question in the minds of most partners. “What do you expect from me?” Have you asked this of each other? And—have you taken time to [...]


5 Do’s and Don’ts of Couple Communication

When it comes to couple communication, here’s a request I get a lot. “Help us learn how to communicate right!” Sadly, many of the couples asking the question have been married for several [...]


1 Thing That Sets Connected Couples Apart

What is the one thing that sets connected couples apart from others? It’s not just what they do per se. We’ve covered that in previous blogs. Things like: good communication mutual support [...]


How to Stop Your Big But From Squashing Your Partner

One of the issues Marian and I deal with from time-to-time is our big buts. No matter what we do to disguise them, our big buts have caused some problems. I mean, there have been times my big but [...]


Why Marriages Struggle: getting to the heart of the problem

Do you want to get at the heart of the problem why couples struggle? Let’s figure it out and see if we can find a way to help couples soar. Ask the average couple the question, “Why does [...]


One thing parents do that kids hate and never get used to

I hated this when my parents did it. My kids hated it when we did it too. When I talk with kids in my office, this is the one thing they dislike the most about their parents. Constant fighting. [...]


How to Fix His Problem In 5 Easy Steps

Last month I wrote an article for men, “How to Fix Her Problem in 5 Easy Steps”.  It did not occur to me to write a follow-up article for women, because it seems to me that females [...]