“Don Olund lives what he preaches. He is present, focused and able to connect on the deepest personal level. He has sound knowledge base and is eager to learn. His message to the world is to that we can learn to be happy and connected to others. I highly recommend Don.” Jon Carlson, Psy.D, Ed.D


“I met Don almost seven years ago when I arrived at Governors State University as one of their marriage and family counseling faculty. Don was an excellent student and I knew he would be an excellent counselor. Although Don always showed a lot of respect for my knowledge and skills, it was not long after he graduated that I realized that the student had far surpassed the teacher. Over the years I have known Don as a counselor, co-author, teacher, and colleague. He excels in each of these roles. Don is the quintessential “Renaissance Man.” He is knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, strong, intelligent, spiritual, and an overall gifted counselor. One cannot help but like and respect him. He touches the lives of all of those that he meets.” Dr. Shannon B. Dermer, Chair, Division of Psychology and Counseling, Governors State University


“From the moment that I met Don, I knew that there was something special about him. He possesses not only kindness and strength, but an envious wealth of knowledge.  I have known Don for several years now and he has far surpassed my expectations for him as a counselor, colleague, and friend.  We have worked together clinically and as teachers at Governors State University. I was so impressed with him that when I had the opportunity to write a book I knew that he had to be a part of that project. He proved to be a gifted author in addition to a gifted counselor and teacher. Shea M. Dunham MSW, MS.Ed, Ph.D.


“We all strive in our life time to attain our full stature, and a select few realize those aspirations earlier than later. I have known Don Olund as friend and colleague for twenty years and what impresses me so is not only his dedication to full maturity but also his attaining life fulfillment and success as such a young man. He truly is gifted with personal maturation, professional competence and a delightful winsome personality.  I have been blessed to have known Don all these years and so pleased to have watched him achieve such lofty life goals over that period of time.” Charles E. Alcorn, Ph.D., Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center, Founder


“I have known Don professionally and socially for four years.  Don’s character is a function of social, cultural, religious, and family influences.  He formulates actions and decisions honestly, objectively, and in the best interest of others.  This is fluid and of high honor.  Don is a very well liked man by a host of people from varied backgrounds.  In every day vernacular, “he is a nice guy”.  In more cerebral terms, he is considerate and has fine alacrity.  These traits are sincere, socially reflexive, and consistent.  In a very unpretentious manner, they veil his solid leadership, intellectual blessings, and creativity. These chief descriptions of Don are interwoven extremely well.” Scott De Valk, Psy.D., LCSW, CADC


“I have known Don Olund for over three decades and have watched him develop into a very skilled, compassionate counselor.  He is well trained, but his best asset is a natural listening ear and the ability to come up with practical solutions to complex human problems.  My highest accolade is that when I have issues needing to be vetted with someone in the counseling field, I invariably turn to Don.  He’s on my speed dial.  He should be on yours, too.” Dr. Rogers Steven Warner, Brockton Assembly


“Don Olund is one person that was born to do what he does. He is definitely in his sweet spot helping people through some of life’s most trying moments as well as helping heal broken places in one’s heart and soul. He is also a gifted teacher. His passion works in both areas and this is what makes him unique. Having been Don’s friend  and sharing a board of advisers role with Don it has been a blessing to get to know him and see up close the wisdom he has in the human relationship and ability for people to form proper healthy attachments. He is the next Henry Cloud.”  Mike Johnson, Chairman C12Group N&NW Chicago land


“Over the past few years I have referred several individuals and families to Don for counseling.  Significant progress is the typical outcome.  Don is our “go to” for counsel as we’ve walked through various issues in our church, and is a trusted source for me personally.  He is a frequent speaker in our services and men’s retreat.  Don’s character, wisdom, and maturity make him invaluable as a counselor, mentor and friend.” Curt Hughes, Lead Pastor, Life Church – Wheaton, IL


“It has been a sincere pleasure to know and work with Don over the last twelve years.  In church settings and professional or counseling environments his calm wisdom and insight comes through and adds value.  The times I come to Don for guidance and counsel has provided relevant, lucid input that has allowed me to see and deal with the unique situations in ways I hadn’t considered. Through Don’s counsel, I have been able to successfully resolve issues that previously left me perplexed.” Scott Schnurr, President, DRF Total Property Solutions