PIESS Pyramid2Congratulations on the delivery of my Christmas gift to you.  My Total Fitness Plan Booklet is ready to download below.  I hope you find it to be a helpful tool to get you started on establishing your total fitness plan for 2015. [orb_cyber_store id=”1″] The video below introduces you to Evernote, an app you can use to write and annotate your booklet.  The Evernote app is free and can be downloaded on your computer and all your devices (smartphone and tablet).  I have Evernote on my laptop, iPhone, and iPad devices.  The apps sync across devices so you can have the information you add updated across your media platforms. Get the Evernote app here. You can also print the booklet and use it the conventional way. Download your video now and enjoy designing My Total Fitness Plan! [orb_cyber_store id=”1″]