002: How the Pandemic Transformed Relationships, Part 1: How to Correct Damage Done to Your Intimate Relationships

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What we’ve all been through in the last two years during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a transformative time for couples. What’s unique about stressful times is they can either bring out the best in us or challenge us to the point that would change our lives and relationships forever. 


How should couples communicate to ensure they manage expectations and meet each other’s needs? How can they work together and adapt under pressure to complex and evolving circumstances? How do they get their needs expressed and make sure they hear each other and respond positively? 


In this episode, we embark on this three-part series of how the pandemic transformed relationships. We first discuss the three main ways COVID has challenged and transformed our intimate relationships, some things that aren’t working in couples right now, and the things you can do in your relationship to make it work. Then we move into an episode about the impact on family dynamics, and another episode where we reach into the dynamics of all those other relationships that have also been impacted by the pandemic.


Finally, we’re sharing with you a quick script, which will be an ongoing feature here on the podcast. Today, this script will help you move from feeling unsupported to feeling like you’re getting the support that you need.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • The 3 ways COVID challenged and transformed our intimate relationships
  • Managing competing expectations
  • What is the pressure-rejection dynamic?
  • 3 things that are not working among couples right now and how to make those work
  • A quick script on asking for mutual support
  • The best time to have these conversations

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