003: How the Pandemic Transformed Relationships, Part 2: How to Correct Damage Done to Your Familial Relationships

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COVID has perhaps been the most influential, transformative factor in relationships over the last several years. The pandemic, in and of itself, is terrifying, being locked in our homes and seeing streets left like ghost towns. Then there’s an added layer of fear around not being able to work, not being able to put food on the table and not being able to pay our expenses or pay rent, and the consequences are perhaps even more terrifying. 


Indeed, this has been an extremely challenging time for families. Mothers, in particular, have frustrations that have driven them deep into despair around parenting to the point they’re questioning whether or not motherhood was even for them. And all that has put a lot of stress not just on ourselves, but on our kids as well, who had to adjust from a classroom setting to looking at a computer screen. Not to mention, the opposing views that have caused rifts among family members. And so, how do we correct the damage done to our familial relationships?


This is Part 2 of our discussion on what COVID has done to relationships over the last two years. In particular, we talk about three main ways COVID has challenged and transformed our familial relationships, and what we can do for these things to work out. 


Finally, today’s script will help you forge some agreement with people who may have opposing views to help give you a common ground.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The economic and educational fallout
  • The concept of the second arrow
  • The impact on mental health
  • The fragmentation of relationships within families
  • Things that are not working in families and how to make them work
  • A quick script on defusing tension around COVID

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