Episode 006: Tired of Arguing all the Time? Here’s How to Resolve Conflict Peacefully, Part 1: Identifying Your Conflict Cycle


Are you tired of wasting time arguing? Then this episode is for you! This is the beginning of a three-part series on how to resolve conflicts peacefully. 

Recognize that this maybe is a cycle or a pattern of behavior, which is actually the first step to altering the pattern and then ultimately repairing it. 

You may not recognize that you’re in a conflict pattern. Maybe you’re saying things to yourself like “this isn’t what I signed up for” or “aren’t we better than this?” The beauty of these conversations is the realization that you actually can change the way your relationships are going if they’re going in a direction you’re not happy with. 

If you see yourself in this pattern, just remember that this is the first step because awareness is a powerful tool to enact change. You need to be aware that you’re in this cycle before you can actually disrupt it and change it.

Then in the next two episodes, you will learn how to break this conflict and save your relationship. You’ll reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of your conflict, and you’ll also expect an increase in connection, friendship, partnership, and intimacy because you won’t be stuck in those Cold Wars for as long as they used to be. 

Finally, we’re giving you four scripts of what to do in a conflict situation. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What happens in the typical conflict cycle
  • How reactions draw us more deeply into the conflict
  • How to identify you’re not in a good place
  • What the Cold War is like
  • The two commodities we’re losing out on
  • The importance of mutuality
  • Four scripts of what to do in a conflict situation

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