Episode 007: Tired of Wasting Time Arguing? Part 2: Breaking the Cycle of Conflict

This is Part 2 of a three-part series on how to resolve conflicts peacefully. If you are tired of wasting time arguing, then this episode is for you!  If you are stuck in that fighting rut, if you feel like you are freezing each other out, or even if it doesn’t feel like you’re actively fighting, this is all part of your conflict cycle. In the previous episode, we’ve illustrated how to recognize a conflict pattern. Now, a lot of that has to do with awareness, which is the first step in creating change.   In this episode, we specifically break down the ways to break out of the conflict cycle. Now that you have a better understanding of the conflict pattern, it’s critical to know at which point of the cycle is the perfect time for you to disrupt it. Once you’ve found that perfect gateway, then you’re able to shift that energy from fighting all the way up to the mending part.   In this episode, you will hear:
  • A review of the conflict cycle
  • A sample scenario of a couple going through a conflict cycle
  • Shifting from “we react” mode to “we respond” mode
  • Why you need to infuse respect
  • Teeing things up for the “we repair” part
  • How “the timeout” works when things escalate
  • The power of mutual ownership
  • Moving from “we repair” to “we mend”
  • A quick script to pivot from “acting out” mode to “we respond” mode
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