Episode 009: 6 Things You’re Saying to Your Partner That Make Matters Worse


Have you ever found yourself regretting how you showed up in an interaction? Or maybe you walked away thinking you could have handled it better?

In today’s episode, learn how to take language and use it for good as opposed to using it for ill in our relationships. Specifically, we discuss these six phrases that can undermine human connection and productive conversations. Becoming aware of those things allows for respectful, effective communication to happen amid conflict. Then we’re sharing some quick scripts that you can use to replace each of those phrases so you’re better prepared the next time you jump into any conflict.

Remember, it’s all about power – and power is the right to your own thoughts, your own feelings, your own voice, and your own choice. By being more mindful of how we choose our words to make sure we don’t misuse and abuse our power, our partner will then feel heard and understood. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The misuse and abuse of power
  • Phrases you need to avoid saying
  • Avoiding “you” statements
  • Avoiding contemptuous and extreme statements
  • Being curious instead of judgmental
  • Things to never say in certain conversations

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