Episode 012: Five Things You Should Never Have to Give Up for Your Partner


Are you feeling the need to change something about your spouse or partner? Or perhaps it’s the other way around where you feel the pressure from your partner to change something that has always been a part of you?

When couples come together in a wholesome way where they balance their independence with interdependence, they’re going to have a solid relationship. As the relationship starts to form, you may start to see subtle signs where this person starts to show displeasure, unhappiness, or discomfort. They start to make requests or complaints and the other person starts to feel a sense of pressure to change. 

One of the common perceptions about relationships is that you should both meld as this one unit, being part of a “we” now. But that shouldn’t be the case.

In this episode, we outline the five things that you should never have to give up for your partner. What does it take to create a successful relationship while acknowledging there are things on which you need to stand your ground?

We’re also sharing some quick scripts that are assertive and straightforward yet calm and respectful, which are very important for your partner to hear and digest. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Never giving up your personal boundaries
  • How self-respect is your monitor for boundaries
  • Never giving up your personal interests
  • Never giving up your personality
  • The concept of projection
  • Never giving up your close relationships
  • Never giving up your personal values

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