Episode 013: How to Make Letting Go Easier on Yourself


Letting go – whether of a loved one you’ve lost or of your resentment towards someone – is an act of self-care. When you hold on to the hurt or resentment, it’s actually harming you more than it’s harming the other person.

The process of letting go is just that – it’s a process. It’s a practice that you have to come back to over and over again. Sometimes when we’re holding on, all we can feel is our own pain and hurt. And we really have a hard time looking at the other person from a different lens. 

The longer you have resentment and bitterness, you’re giving the other person some poison. But you end up drinking it, instead of them drinking it. When you get to a place of letting go, you can start looking at the person with less sense of anger and bitterness and see them in a more positive light. 

Letting go is a normal process every human being will have to encounter in the course of life. Today, we’re sharing some suggestions or recommendations to help you begin the process of letting go. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What makes letting go difficult for many people
  • How holding on is getting in the way of your life
  • Deciding it’s time to let go
  • How to begin the process of letting go
  • A quick script to talk yourself through the process of letting go
  • How letting go can coincide with holding on

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