018: The #1 Up and Down Struggle All Couples Experience


Whenever two or more people are interacting, there’s a power flow between them – we just don’t know what’s happening. 

While water is to fish, power is to people. It is the medium we swim in. But it’s usually invisible to us. We don’t really see it when someone powers up on you or you’re made to feel small when someone’s talking. Whether it’s in a parent-child relationship, in a work environment, or even between friends, there is a power flow that exists between two people.

What’s important is how we manage the flow of power between us – because sometimes, the flow of power gets messed up in the way we communicate. When you have respectful power flowing from one person to another, it brings influence. But when there is disrespectful power, it exerts control. When you are in a controlling kind of relationship, then you’re not able to sustain a sense of closeness and safety between people. It’s all about mutual submission – and mutual love.

Today, we are talking about power struggles, the #1 up and down struggle that all couples experience. We may not even be aware that we are in a power struggle because they are so ubiquitous in every negotiation we take on in our relationships. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What is power?
  • 3 ways to balance the power flow
  • Useful scripts to help bring balance to the power flow in your relationship
  • The 7 benefits of balancing power in your relationship

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