Don is recognized as a dynamic and relational speaker.  His presentations are engaging and address relevant issues that are common to people.  Here are a few of the workshops he offers.  Don is also able to tailor-make presentations that fit your specific area of interest. Brining Respect Back: Communicating Without the Conflict –  based on concepts Don addresses in his book based on the same title. Stop The Finger Pointing & Start the Finger Joining – How to manage conflict before conflict manages your relationship. Repairing Wounds – How to repair wounds and rebuild trust in relationships. The Art of Understanding Your Mate – Keys to healthy communication that promotes mutual respect. A Balance of Power – Learning how to respect and promote the sharing of power in your relationship. The Three F’s of Healthy Relationships – Fun, Friendship, and Faith Redefining & Rekindling Intimacy – How to redefine the meaning of intimacy and find ways to rekindle it in your relationship.