How to respond when your woman is becoming emotional

Most guys don’t know how to respond when their woman becomes emotional. It reminds me of a classic scene from the movie, “A League of Their Own”. “There’s no crying in [...]


What to do when you accidentally trip your spouse’s emotional triggers

Everything seems to be going well between you. You’re having a good day. Suddenly you say or do something rather benign and your spouse explodes or overreacts emotionally. You’re [...]


Holiday Relationship Guide to Feeling Overwhelmed

The All About We Podcast has a gift for you! It is called a Holiday Relationship Survival Guide, 12 topics in 12 days heading up to Christmas. These mini-podcasts address topics that are often [...]


What to do when she wants to vent

How is the venting system working in your relationship? Does it function properly? Or, do you find that when your spouse wants to vent, problems erupt? The other day a couple raised this issue [...]


How to Exercise Healthy Emotional Expression

Unexpressed emotions will never die, they are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways – Sigmund Freud When it comes to emotional expression guys are at a disadvantage. We are [...]


How To Master Your Emotional Triggers

Now It’s Your Turn If you would like a copy of my “Transforming Mistaken Beliefs Tool” leave me a comment in the box below.  Just write, “Hey Don, send me the tool!”


Recognizing Your Emotional Triggers

“Stop pushing my buttons” is an idiom people use to convey a message.  It may be annoyance, frustration, guilt or a variety of emotions.  You see, everyone has buttons or triggers. [...]