Finding a way to survive your storm

In recent days I’ve encountered several storms. Two days ago I delivered a eulogy for my dear cousin Howie who died on Christmas day. While spending time supporting fellow family members [...]

How to Help When Someone You Care About is Grieving

Today is Memorial Day, a national holiday established in 1971 to honor those in military service who sacrificed their lives to protect our nation and preserve our liberty. I invite you to join me [...]


Beautiful In Its Time – Making sense of dying

Father’s Day wasn’t supposed to end this way.  It just didn’t seem right.  In fact, just about every person I talked to echoed this sentiment, “It’s not fair!” [...]


Lessons From My Grandson About How to Grieve

For many, 2012 was a mixed bag of good and bad.  I suppose life is this way in general.  Once we come to accept it, we are better equipped to deal with it.  Forest Gump’s mom got it [...]