Finding a way to survive your storm

In recent days I’ve encountered several storms. Two days ago I delivered a eulogy for my dear cousin Howie who died on Christmas day. While spending time supporting fellow family members [...]


Holiday Relationship Survival Guide on Finding Meaning

The All About We Podcast has a gift for you! It is called a Holiday Relationship Survival Guide, 12 topics in 12 days heading up to Christmas. These mini-podcasts address topics that are often [...]


3 Reasons Why Spiritual Fitness Makes Sense

I finish my series “My Total Fitness Plan” by saving the best to last.  It is what I call the pinnacle of fitness. Thus far I have covered four of the five levels of total fitness: [...]


How Pain Can Change Your Life For Good

Pain can be a prelude to a powerful story.  In my case, I stepped back from the ledge and into a life I never dreamed possible. What has pain done for you?  Has it been a barrier or a bridge to [...]


Where do you find your inspiration?

I walked into a laboratory and was surprised by emotion.  This was not a scientific lab.  It was a counseling lab with couches, chairs, and obscure video cameras. I was asked to lecture on my [...]