3 Reasons Why Spiritual Fitness Makes Sense

I finish my series “My Total Fitness Plan” by saving the best to last.  It is what I call the pinnacle of fitness. Thus far I have covered four of the five levels of total fitness: physical, intellectual, emotional, and social.  In this blog I want to share 3 reasons why spiritual fitness makes sense to me. Spirituality is a deeply personal matter. People follow their own spiritual path. In the course of my life I have come full circle.  My parents raised me Catholic. In my young adult years, I explored Eastern religion and practiced meditation. Later I returned to Christianity, focusing less on religion and more on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is not a forum to discuss religion.  The point is to find a means to express your spirituality on a regular basis.  Some individuals enjoy the rituals of religious observances while others prefer to focus on personal relationship.  Whatever approach, if you want total fitness, attention to your spiritual life is likely to give you the greatest results.  Here’s 3 reasons why spiritual fitness makes sense.

Spirituality Goes Deeper

Motivation, focus, confidence, desire, perseverance, the elements necessary to achieve fitness, come from within.  These lay within the deep core of the human soul.  Some rely on a mental approach to ignite energy and motivation.  Spirituality goes deeper.  It activates the heart and soul of the individual.  This is where self-identity resides and from where it is expressed. [Tweet “Some rely on a mental approach to activate energy and motivation. Spirituality goes deeper. It activates the heart and soul of the individual.”] Going deeper spiritually requires faith in something or someone greater than you alone.  Faith simultaneously acknowledges human limitation and infinite power of the divine.  It is an internal and external process.
  • Internally, I open up. 
  • Externally, I reach out for help.

Spirituality Breaks Barriers

In fitness training barriers to growth are common. We reach a level and plateau. Often a fitness coach can help you overcome certain physical and mental barriers. Because spirituality goes deeper, it can reach the self-limiting barriers that get in the way of our personal growth. Spirituality breaks barriers caused by emotional pain. Practicing spirituality allows one to bring wounded aspects of themselves to God.  Healing takes place in this private encounter. The benefits of unconditional love, grace, mercy, and compassion heal the wounded soul. Spirituality also has the power to break barriers of fear, insecurity, and doubt.  It instills confidence, self-worth, and motivation. Faith plays a key role in overcoming these barriers. Have you heard about the shepherd kid who fought a giant and won? Spiritual fitness demonstrated in boldness and determination. That’s what I’m talking about!

Spirituality Is Transformational

When it comes to fitness, the endgame for most of us is transformation.  Notice all the mirrors in the health club? Unfortunately, people often struggle to maintain the gains won, let alone go to the next level. For many, transformation is temporary. Some give up on fitness altogether.  Disillusioned, they return to unhealthy living. Physical transformation is likely to remain if spiritual fitness is a part of your routine. Why? Again, spirituality goes deeper. It breaks barriers. It transforms the heart. If you seek fitness from a transformed heart you are likely to get lasting results in every aspect of your life: physical, intellectual, emotional, and social. Spiritual fitness transforms many things.  Among them are:
  • Enhanced self-identity
  • Increased desire and motivation
  • Instilled sense of confidence and competence in one’s abilities
  • Clarified values: personal and social
  • Crystalized a sense of purpose and passion

Now it’s your turn

So there you have it. Three reasons why spiritual fitness makes sense.  Maybe it makes sense to you too because you integrate it into your life. If so, I would enjoy hearing how it makes a difference.  Feel free to leave a comment below. Maybe for you, spirituality has no place in your life. I respect that. I have met people who are agnostic (unsure God exists) and others who are atheist. This blog will likely have no value for you. There are also others who at one time practiced spirituality but no longer do.  Some have told me they drifted away. Others have shared their struggles with hurt and disappointment they felt in the practice of their faith. I understand these experiences can leave some confused and distant. Spirituality is a journey of faith. The road is not always easy, but it leads you down a good path. Wherever you are, I encourage you not to give up on your journey.

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A personal sentiment

As we bring 2014 to a close I want to thank you the community of subscribers and readers who make what I do so enjoyable and fulfilling.  Thank you for the wonderful comments, suggestions, and inspiration.  I am looking forward to taking my blogs to another level in 2015! More on that later.  In the meantime… new_year_snow_2015_red