How to Help Your Kid Survive a Bullying Culture

How to help your kid survive a bullying culture Let’s take a look at some things you can do to prepare your kid to thrive in school and handle situations when confronted by bullying [...]


How to Out Smart Your Kid’s Obsession with Smartphones

“Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.”  Steve Jobs Ten years ago Steve Jobs set things in motion when he introduced [...]


Holiday Relationship Survival Guide on Kids

The All About We Podcast has a gift for you! It is called a Holiday Relationship Survival Guide, 12 topics in 12 days heading up to Christmas. These mini-podcasts address topics that are often [...]


#1 Viral Epidemic Threatening Your Home

As a mindful parent you do everything within your power to establish a healthy environment where your kids can thrive. No way will you allow anything infectious to creep into your home. You scour [...]


7 Back to School Tips to Help Your Kids Start & Finish Strong

Okay, take a deep breath. You can do this. This year does not have to be a repeat of last. You can break the power struggle with your kids over school. You’re not alone, many parents dread [...]


7 Things Your Kid Wants From You But Will Never Ask

You dream of being a parent one day. Then it happens. Your firstborn arrives and is carefully placed in your arms. As you gaze upon your infant, indescribable joy floods your heart and tears fill [...]


How to Model Respect to Your Kids When They Push Your Buttons

You bust your butt for your kids. Rise early, end the day late. You do what’s necessary to give them a good life. All you ask for is some respect. Too much to ask? I say no. Respect is a [...]


Why Parent Rules Make Your Kids’ Life Better

In my previous blog I related a conversation I had with my adult daughter Candace about parenting–more specifically, giving kids chores. Candace also went on to describe parent rules she [...]


5 Reasons Why Kids Need Chores

A few weeks ago I called my daughter Candace to catch up. I knew it was the first day of summer break for her kids so I asked, “Are you gearing up to have the kids home all [...]


What Kids Crave From the Parents They Love

A few days ago my 80 year-old mother, connected with me on FaceTime for the first time. It just so happens I was with a couple in counseling. With their permission, I answered the call and [...]

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