After Years of Unhappiness Can Couples Change?


How to Cultivate Like-minded Love

When I was a kid, I remember exchanging cards with classmates on Valentines Day. Everyone was your valentine! Later, when I fell in love and got married, I felt pressure like other guys to use [...]


How to Make Letting Go Easier on You

#1: Identify What Makes Letting Go Hard When I observe a client struggling to let go of something I ask a question. “What makes letting go difficult for you right now?” The answers [...]


Holiday Relationship Survival Guide on Repairing Relationships

The All About We Podcast has a gift for you! It is called a Holiday Relationship Survival Guide, 12 topics in 12 days heading up to Christmas. These mini-podcasts address topics that are often [...]


After the Affair: Can We Recover?

In recent years, we’ve witnessed our fair share of natural disasters. Perhaps you experienced one firsthand. Watching the news I try to imagine what it is like for people who see their [...]


10 Steps to Move Past the Past

“Oh, that’s water under the bridge.” This is a statement some make who think you cannot change what has happened in the past. Is moving forward as simple as that? Hardly, but it [...]


How to Rebuild Trust

In my profession, I help couples rebuild trust that is broken. They want to know if the relationship can be restored. I offer them hope that it can, but will take an effort from both. Broken [...]


How to argue less and love more

I enjoy watching movies. Recently my wife and I watched the 1951  classic, “A Streetcar Named Desire”. It was an edgy film, involving triangulated relationships. It’s not your [...]


Resentment – Causes, Consequences, & Cures

    As a relationship, communication specialist I spend a vast majority of my day working with couples and/or families who face challenges in sustaining healthy relationships.  They [...]


3 Easy Ways to Revive Your First Love

February 14 is a red letter day for young and old alike.  For centuries in parts of Europe and in America, Valentines Day is a time when love is expressed in beautifully crafted cards.  And if [...]

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