The Complexities of Answering a Career Call

Normally on the All About We Podcast, my cohost Amanda Berlin interviews me on the content of my latest blog. This week we did a role reversal and I interviewed Amanda about her career journey. [...]


Make Sure You Get Your Personal Time

Last week I wrote about “How to Keep Your Relationship a Priority”.  I addressed the importance of “we time” as a way of giving your relationship time on the front burner. [...]


3 Keys to Success I Learned From a Caddy

I want to talk about how you can be successful in your interpersonal relationships.  The three keys I am about to share, I picked up on a golf course the other day from a caddy. Let me begin by [...]


How to Know When You’re Failing In The Right Direction

I surprised my wife Marian this weekend with an overnight at the Herrington Inn, a lovely hotel on the Fox River in Geneva, Illinois.  It was a nice break after feeling cooped-up during the [...]