What is Your Next Thing?

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My next thing is taking a photography class.  Recently I bought this really great camera (Canon EOS 70D).  I take all my shots on the auto setting.  They look nice but I know I can take some awesome pictures if I take the time and learn some basics in photography. What is your next thing?

Why a next thing?

It’s for your own good.  Doing “some thing” that brightens up your day or adds dimension to your life is a good thing. IMG_0708My “next thing” today happened this morning. I drove with the top down on my car through the woods and took in the fall colors. The picture here is one of several I captured. I even decided to shoot a video here.  See below. You see, your next thing could be something easy to do that doesn’t take too much time. And—it’s for your own good. We need “good things” every day.  Small or large.  These things are good for us in the sense that they add to our overall fitness.  I’m not talking physical fitness. It’s more than that. Let me explain. Humans are multidimensional beings.  We have physical bodies.  Our brains function on intellectual and emotional levels.  This allows us to interact with other people socially and fulfills a need for belonging.  Finally, we have a spiritual dimension that connects with God.

What is your next thing?

What would you like to do that’s for your own good? Soak in the tub? A stroll along the lake? Some flag football with the guys? This is one of those fill-in-the-blank questions you get to choose for yourself.  I like to think in terms of small, medium, and large. Small was what I did this morning.  Medium is taking a photography class.  Large is a book I published last year, or the advanced psychodynamic program I’m taking this year at the University of Chicago.

My Next Thing is for Your Next Thing

I want to share with you what keeps my next things in life happening.  I call it my Total Fitness Plan (TFP).  In the next series of blogs I will be introducing it to you.  The TFP is a great tool for helping you do your next thing no matter what area it is in. I use it every year to help me decide what next things I want to experience or accomplish–small, medium, or large. So, my “next thing” this week is for you to discover how you can maximize the accomplishment of your “next thing” list. This is the perfect time to learn about it a couple of months before the start of the new year. My TFP is not what you think.  You will hear more next week about how you can receive a free copy of My Total Fitness Plan. To get a sample of it, check out this short clip.

Now it’s your turn

I’d like to know what your “next thing” is for this week.  It doesn’t have to be medium or large. Make it small and doable. Whatever it is I would like for you to share it in the comment box below. To make a comment, sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account. Or you can set up an account with Disqus, a free service that connects you to online communities that promote discussion.  You can set up a Disqus account at www.disqus.com