How to Heal When Love Hurts

I see the pain of love everyday. Love hurts. I’m experiencing it right now as the failing health of my mom is a stark reminder that I will not have her with me forever. How can something [...]


How to Prevent Your Insecurity From Hurting Your Relationship

“Can we have a talk? I want to share something with you that may make you angry and I am asking that you listen and try not to overreact.” Marian’s tone was respectful and disarming. I [...]


6 Reasons Why Bad Moms are the Best Moms

One night last week before I was about to go to bed, the 2016 comedy Bad Moms was on TV. Five minutes into the movie I was hooked. It addresses pressure many mothers feel being “all things to all [...]


10 lessons I learned about being a dad from my dad

My dad died 23 years ago. I still miss him. Even as I typed that sentence, I got choked up. So much of my adult life I didn’t get to share with him. I feel robbed. But then again, I also [...]


After the Affair: Can We Recover?

In recent years, we’ve witnessed our fair share of natural disasters. Perhaps you experienced one firsthand. Watching the news I try to imagine what it is like for people who see their [...]


All About We: Episode 6 Part 2 How to Move Past the Past

Today we tackle the second 5 steps in how to get past the past. For the first five, check out part 1 of this episode in this article, Ten Steps to Move Past the Past. As always, tell us what you [...]


All About We: Episode 04 What Happened to ME When I Became a WE?

Welcome to All About We, a podcast about relationships, what complicates them and what makes them successful with Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Relationship Coach Don Olund and [...]


How to Have a Better Year Together

What do you imagine would happen if you asked your mate–“Do you want to talk with me about how we can have a better year together?” Would you receive a warm smile [...]


Holiday Relationship Challenge: Day 7 Dealing With Family Drama

Family drama during the holidays is about as certain as tinsel and twinkling lights, the Sugar Plum Fairy and pumpkin pie. The holidays seem to bring out the most harried, stressed, aggressive, [...]


Holiday Relationship Challenge: Expectations

Welcome to Day 3 in the Holiday Relationship Challenge: 12 Days to Keep the Happy in the Holidays. We are talking about the one thing that is the biggest drain on holiday joy: EXPECTATIONS [...]

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