3 Ways to Change 1 Thing in 2016

A guy on a bench. When was the last time you found some bench? Life moves rather rapidly doesn’t it? Sometimes just getting a shower in feels like a challenge when you’ve got toddlers [...]


Holiday Relationship Challenge: Day 12 How to Bring Back the Spirit of the Season

Welcome back to the final day in our 12 days to keep the happy in the holidays relationship challenge. Thank you for bring with us on this journey. You should feel very good about the commitment [...]


Holiday Relationship Challenge: Day 11 How to Make a Great Holiday Experience for Your Kids

It’s a gift to be able to see the holidays through your children’s eyes: the magic! The wonder! But, we also live in perpetual fear of holiday meltdowns. And then, do we risk melting [...]


Holiday Relationship Challenge: Day 10 Deepening and Repairing Relationships

The holidays are a great time to let bygones be bygones. But that’s so much easier said than done sometimes. It might be as easy saying “Let’s just put the past behind [...]


Holiday Relationship Challenge: Day 9 Holiday Self-Care

Today we’re talking about self-esteem this holiday: What we do to ourselves, mentally, physically emotionally, and how we talk to ourselves about how we perceive our behavior. Whether we [...]


Holiday Relationship Challenge: Day 8 How to Deal with Loneliness

As we’ve said over and over again during this challenge, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But, of course, the fact that we’re running this challenge at all, and the [...]


Holiday Relationship Challenge: Day 7 Dealing With Family Drama

Family drama during the holidays is about as certain as tinsel and twinkling lights, the Sugar Plum Fairy and pumpkin pie. The holidays seem to bring out the most harried, stressed, aggressive, [...]


Holiday Relationship Challenge Day 6: Grief

Sometimes it just doesn’t seem possible to be happy during the holidays. Grief is a very real thing this time of year. If you’re suffering, you’re not alone. In today’s [...]


Holiday Relationship Challenge Day 5: How to Survive Turmoil at Home

The holidays can feel really inconvenient when there’s a challenging dynamic in your own home. Who wants to put on a happy face when you and your partner are anything but! In today’s [...]


Holiday Relationship Challenge: Travel

We are talking one of the stressors of the holidays that few of us will be able to avoid. That’s HOLIDAY TRAVEL.  Travel seems to bring out something different in each of us. We all have [...]

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