People with a healthy mindset go organic. They don’t want genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their food products. Healthy people will pay extra to ensure what goes into their bodies is natural, organic and contains no toxins.

Relationships can also benefit from going organic too. We spend most of our days in the web of technology and work, busy and disconnected.

Developing organic habits can detoxify your marriage and family and build healthy connections. Now here’s the kicker–you don’t have to spend a lot of money to connect! Here are 3 totally free organic habits to try once a week.

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#1: Go for a walk together

Nature is organic. Going for walks connects you with nature and for many this has a settling effect. Under normal weather conditions nature is calm and it’s sounds are soothing. If your marriage is stressed, take it on a nature walk.

Here are some benefits that come from a walk together:

  • A casual walk is relaxing–it relaxes relationships.
  • A casual walk is a form of exercise.
  • A device-free walk detoxifies your brain.
  • A casual walk is non-threatening–you can focus on nature, not on problems.
  • A casual walk is adventurous–things you discover in nature.
  • A casual walk can form deeper, more meaningful marriage/family connections.

One-on-one walks with kids can be a relaxing, non-threatening way to connect. Be sure you leave devices in the car!

#2: Go to bed together

At least once a week, develop the organic habit of going to bed together. Back in the day, this is what families did. Remember the TV series “The Waltons”? “Goodnight John Boy.”

One behavior that reinforces the disconnect between couples and family members is a pattern of not ending the day together. This has a longterm negative effect on relationships.

Currently, if you don’t have this habit, try ending the day by going to bed together one day a week.

The symbolism of retiring at the end of the day suggests:

  • We are united, not divided.
  • We are together, not alone.
  • We share comfortable space together.
  • We are one.

Going to bed together affords time to connect. Creates a moment for casual conversation. You can read a book together or share something interesting from one you’re reading. Why not cuddle up and watch a tv show together?

#3: Go to church or place of worship together

This may not be an organic appetite for everyone, but for those who espouse spiritual values it is a healthy habit to develop or get back to if you’ve drifted.

Problems raising a family can be overwhelming. Getting spiritually-centered, is key to a healthy home. Going to church is an organic way to connect.

The habit of going to a place of worship to connect with your faith and spirituality is important.

Check out these benefits:

  • You have a spiritual presence in your family.
  • You can turn to your faith for strength and guidance
  • You can integrate the principles and values of your faith into how you function as a couple or family. 
  • Deeper connections with God contribute to deeper relationships with each other.
  • Faith forms a deeper and more firm layers of security and harmony in the family.

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Now it’s your turn

What can you plan to do this week to go organic and connect?