7 Ways You Can Make Your Marriage Better

2018 has been a mixed bag in my marriage. We had some pretty cool things happen. Like our trip to Switzerland with my youngest son Jordan. But then we also experienced some pain. Two weeks before [...]


5 Do’s and Don’ts of Couple Communication

When it comes to couple communication, here’s a request I get a lot. “Help us learn how to communicate right!” Sadly, many of the couples asking the question have been married for several [...]


How to Cultivate Like-minded Love

When I was a kid, I remember exchanging cards with classmates on Valentines Day. Everyone was your valentine! Later, when I fell in love and got married, I felt pressure like other guys to use [...]


3 totally free organic ways to connect

Now it’s your turn What can you plan to do this week to go organic and connect?


How to Bring Respect Back to Your Relationship

How to bring respect back to your relationship Bringing respect back is easier said than done–BUT done nonetheless it must be. So where do “we” begin? #1: We begins with me. If [...]


Super Easy 7 Day Couple Connection Challenge

How to give your marriage front burner time Couples are quick to admit they want to spend more time together. I hear this daily in my office. Moving into that space is difficult. When I [...]