How to work through major problems

All couples encounter major problems from time-to-time. You are not going to get along 24/7. Problems don’t disappear once you adjust. Expect occasional conflicts throughout married life. This is [...]


How to use a time-out when an argument gets out of control

You’re just trying to get dinner on the table so the kids can eat, finish homework, take baths, and get to bed at a reasonable hour. But the kids aren’t cooperating and your spouse is [...]


How to Recover from a Major Argument

Marian and I were on our way home from a family event. We had a great time and were really excited because the next morning we were leaving for vacation. For some strange reason we got into a [...]


How to argue less and love more

I enjoy watching movies. Recently my wife and I watched the 1951  classic, “A Streetcar Named Desire”. It was an edgy film, involving triangulated relationships. It’s not your [...]


What Type of Couple Are You?

All couples fight. It is unavoidable. Imperfect people form imperfect relationships. I have an imperfect marriage too. My wife and I have conflicts once in awhile. I don’t like to fight. [...]


My top 7 couple conflict resolution strategies

Have you ever felt stuck after a conflict with your spouse/partner?  An argument gets out of hand.  Words are spoken you wish you could take back.  Or perhaps you were on the receiving end.  You [...]


5 Key Steps to Repair an Offense

One of my favorite YouTube channels is called “How It Should Have Ended”.  It is an animated spoof that re-enacts movie endings.  Many of these tongue-in-cheek clips are hilarious! [...]


5 Ways to Disarm an Argument

Arguments are inevitable. Can’t avoid them 100% of the time. Under certain circumstances the probability increases a fight is coming. Things like– a bad mood– rough [...]


Resentment – Causes, Consequences, & Cures

    As a relationship, communication specialist I spend a vast majority of my day working with couples and/or families who face challenges in sustaining healthy relationships.  They [...]