Why Your Guy Struggles With Communication

Sometimes guys get a bad rap from their female counterparts when it comes to communication. We can come across as being disinterested, insensitive, or clueless! Why is it that a guy can be so [...]


What Men Crave From The Women They Love

Guys, if you read and acted on the blog I wrote last week, What Women Crave From the Men They Love, you are making your girl happy. From a statistical standpoint it was the most popular blog I [...]


Guys…Why it’s good to listen to your mate sometimes

Marian and I are on vacation at our favorite spot, JW Marriott Camelback Resort in Paradise Valley, Arizona.  It is our “go to” place when we need the 3Rs: rest, romance, and [...]


Bringing Respect Back

In 2006 Justin Timberlake rocked the musical world with his hit “Sexy Back”. In an interview Timberlake stated that the first line that came to him was “bringing sexy back”.  Of course the song [...]


What Dads do to Stay Connected With Their Kids

A couple of years ago my mother celebrated her 75th birthday.  My three brothers and sister decided to throw a surprise party to celebrate this milestone event.  My contribution included creating [...]