#1 Up n Down Struggle Between Couples

I’ll begin with a disclaimer. The #1 thing I address is not heavily researched. However, in my view it is the underlying element to the problems couples identify in surveys. Problems like… [...]


7 Ways to Keep Money From Messing Up Your Marriage

#2: Agree to not spend more than you earn during an average pay period Develop the skill of saying “no” to yourself if it falls out of the parameters of what you agreed together to [...]


3 Subtle Reactions that Threaten Your Marriage

I noticed a reaction in me the other night that caught my attention. At first it was subtle–a little difficult to detect. But the more it played out in my mind, the stronger it felt. I was [...]


How to respond when your teen acts like a jerk

How would you react to a teenage son who screams at you with a megaphone? Hit him over the head with it? Pull out a larger one that screams louder? Or would you cave in to his demands just to [...]

How to Prevent a Power Struggle

My wife Marian and I are about to remodel two bathrooms. Yesterday we spent a few hours of a beautiful sunny afternoon walking through warehouses of granite in an effort to decide on decor.  Not [...]