How to respond when your woman is becoming emotional

Most guys don’t know how to respond when their woman becomes emotional. It reminds me of a classic scene from the movie, “A League of Their Own”. “There’s no crying in [...]


What Women Can Do When Gas-lighted By Men

The second presidential debate shed light on the issue of how women are treated sexually by men. When it comes to their questionable sexual behavior, some male politicians become sex educators. [...]


Why Unrestrained Anger is a Game-Changer

Last week, domestic violence was a trending topic when three separate incidents involving NFL players were reported.  The media attention generated discussion among the public raising concern [...]


Bringing Respect Back

In 2006 Justin Timberlake rocked the musical world with his hit “Sexy Back”. In an interview Timberlake stated that the first line that came to him was “bringing sexy back”.  Of course the song [...]


Are You Mom Enough? A response to TIME Magazine Article

A look at the pressure mom’s face in the role’s they juggle and expectations they face. TIME magazine recently released a provocative cover featuring twenty-six year-old Jamie Lynee Grumet [...]