Why Unrestrained Anger is a Game-Changer

Last week, domestic violence was a trending topic when three separate incidents involving NFL players were reported.  The media attention generated discussion among the public raising concern about the serious nature of this problem.  Unrestrained anger is a game-changer. In this vlog, I speak frankly about the risks associated with unrestrained anger. I also share two important steps you can take if you have a problem managing your anger. Verbal aggression is no less damaging than physical assault.  Both are forms of abuse. After you watch the video please read the some of the benefits you can expect when you learn how to get control of your anger.
Admitting you have a problem with unrestrained anger is the first step in learning how to manage it.  Reaching out for help is the second step.  Understand this.  If you don’t manage your anger, your anger will manage you. Don’t wait for your unrestrained anger to become a game changer before you act.

Managed Anger is a Game-Changer

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect when you manage your anger
  1. Deeper level of self-respect.
  2. Improved relationships.
  3. Earned respect.
  4. Shift from aggression to assertive expression of anger.
  5. Greater awareness and empathy toward others.
Next week I will share with you some strategies on how to manage your anger.  For now, I want to give you one key strategy.  It’s one you see often if you watch sports.  It’s called “the time-out”. When you are in a conflict situation and you feel yourself getting angry, give yourself a time-out to cool down.  I’ll explain why that is important in my vlog next week. If you want some tips on how to disarm an argument check out my previous blog.  (click here)

Now it’s your turn

Do you know someone who might benefit from reading and view this vlog?  Feel free to share this in your social media community.  Join me in spreading the word that there is help for people who experience unrestrained anger. What are some ways we can address the problem of domestic violence in society?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.