After Years of Unhappiness Can Couples Change?


I was applauded by strangers in a restaurant!

The unexpected happened in a restaurant yesterday. I was applauded by all the customers. It caught me by complete surprise. You see, I didn’t know anyone in the restaurant except my wife! [...]


3 Moves to Bring Respect Back in Your Family

It’s a standoff between parents and their two kids. Kevin and Heidi have finally come together to bring respect back into their marriage. Now it’s time to get Brandon and Stacy on [...]


How to Bring Respect Back to Your Relationship

How to bring respect back to your relationship Bringing respect back is easier said than done–BUT done nonetheless it must be. So where do “we” begin? #1: We begins with me. If [...]


5 things you should NEVER have to give up for your spouse in marriage

Here are 5 things you should never have to give up for your spouse. Never give up your boundaries in marriage Boundaries are limits we set for ourselves or with others to feel safe and be [...]


10 ways to stop walking on eggshells

Clearing the eggshells Eggshells do not promote a healthy environment for family living. Ignoring them is not a good strategy. You cannot afford to keep making excuses and denying the severity of [...]


How to Move from Resentment to Respect

Did you go into marriage vowing to resent each other as long as you both shall live? I didn’t think so. Like most couples, you vowed to love, honor, and respect each other. You started on a [...]


How to Eliminate Negative Speech

Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. I’ve experienced and observed a lot of insanity in family [...]


How to Have a Better Year Together – Part 2

Having a better year together is not complicated. Often it takes developing small habits. In this vlog, I share 5 fairly easy, yet powerfully effective habits you both can do to build positive [...]


How to respond when your teen acts like a jerk

How would you react to a teenage son who screams at you with a megaphone? Hit him over the head with it? Pull out a larger one that screams louder? Or would you cave in to his demands just to [...]

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