Why Marriages Struggle: getting to the heart of the problem

Do you want to get at the heart of the problem why couples struggle? Let’s figure it out and see if we can find a way to help couples soar. Ask the average couple the question, “Why does [...]


How to Cultivate Like-minded Love

When I was a kid, I remember exchanging cards with classmates on Valentines Day. Everyone was your valentine! Later, when I fell in love and got married, I felt pressure like other guys to use [...]


5 Naughty Habits in a Hot Marriage

In the course of the week my wife is going to look me in the eye and with a sexy voice say, “You naughty boy”. It’s not because I’ve done something wrong. Au contraire, I [...]


How to Create a “Wow Effect” in Your Marriage

Yesterday morning while laying in bed my wife Marian brought me a cup of coffee. Nothing unusual. It’s part of our morning routine. Until I looked in the cup and noticed she made a mistake. [...]


10 Things Smart Couples do to Keep Their Love Alive


3 Signs Your Marriage is at Risk

It doesn’t feel right. “We are not connected.” You convince yourself it will get better. “We’re just busy. A lot going on. Everyone else seems to have their [...]


Valentine Gift Ideas that won’t Cost a Penny

The title of my blog may give the impression that I am a cheapskate when it comes to gift-giving on Valentines Day. The truth is Marian and I don’t make a fuss over 2/14. No pressure to [...]


How to Have a Better Year Together – Part 2

Having a better year together is not complicated. Often it takes developing small habits. In this vlog, I share 5 fairly easy, yet powerfully effective habits you both can do to build positive [...]


How to Have a Better Year Together

What do you imagine would happen if you asked your mate–“Do you want to talk with me about how we can have a better year together?” Would you receive a warm smile [...]


My Love Affair with Taylor Swift Music

What every guy can learn about how to get (and keep) the girl My wife thinks I have a secret crush on Taylor Swift. She says this to me because I listen to her music–A LOT. It all started [...]

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