How to Add Some Good Drama in Your Relationship

My wife and I had some drama in our relationship this weekend. No, we didn’t have an argument or major conflict. Fortunately, it wasn’t that kind of drama. Like most couples, we’ve had our fair share of that! Instead it’s what I call “good drama”. I went shopping and did a work-out with her and she watched playoff basketball and hockey with me. For couples, good drama is the stuff that elicits passion, romance, adventure, fun, or a just a really good connection. One of the things we did was plan our next vacation. It was fun. We decided to make it an adventurous trip by finding new places to visit. Our plan is to have good drama on this vacation. [Tweet “For couples, good drama is the stuff that elicits passion, romance, adventure, fun, or a just a really good connection.”] Good drama is both intentional (requires planning) and spontaneous (going with the flow). The key is to add plenty of it to your relationship. Here are four proven ways to add good drama in your relationship.

Do something out of character

One of the complaints I hear from couples is that their relationship is boring. They always do the same things, go to the same restaurants, have the same conversations, which end up in the same fights. When is the last time you did something different? If you live in a metropolitan area, you have many opportunities at your disposal. We live in the Chicagoland area and do our best to make use of the many activities the city and surrounding suburbs have to offer. Something out of character can also be done on the cheap. Can’t afford a nice restaurant? How about cooking a nice dinner at home with linen tablecloths, candles, nice music, and steaks on the grill? Don’t forget your romantic playlist on Spotify!

Add some comedy

One of things I enjoy most about my marriage is that Marian and I laugh a lot. We crack each other up! I love to make her laugh and she does the same. If you want good drama in your relationship, add some comedy. This is especially important in a time when so many couples are busy with the tasks of family and work. Serious and stressed out all day long is not good for you. Humor is a great way to loosen things up in your relationship. A couple of cautions about comedy. Think about timing. Just because you are in a joking mood, make sure your mate is too! Also, comedy is not funny when your partner is always the butt of your jokes. The best comedy is when you’re poking fun at yourself.

Replay only the good reruns

I’m a sucker for a good rerun. We love to watch Andy Griffith reruns. If a favorite movie (Shawshank Redemption) is on TV, I am glued to it. A good rerun is synonymous with good drama. Marian and I have rerun drama. In other words, there are things we repeat that we know brings us pleasure every time. For example, we just returned from DMK our favorite burger joint. Food and service is always exceptional. Paradise Valley in Arizona is another good rerun. We vacation there every other year. Get my point? Good reruns provide good drama. Reruns are not just places to visit but experiences to relive together. It can be as simple as looking through a scrapbook or as significant as renewing your marriage vows. Good reruns produce good drama in a relationship.

Weave Romance Into the Drama

In a good drama, romance is woven throughout the story. You see the couple struggle to find each other in the midst of all these obstacles in their way. They go through ups and downs. Some survive. Others do not. Those who never lose the hunt of passion, weave romance throughout the story of their relationship. If you want good drama, do not lose your passion for romance. Don’t allow kids, work, bills, and chores rob you of what brought you together in the first place. It will take both of you working together to do it, but it is possible to weave romance into your relationship. If you want help in this area, here are three blogs I wrote recently on the subject. What Women Crave From the Men They Love – and – What Men Crave From the Women They Love – plus – 50 Shades of Foreplay:How to Maintain an Active Sexual Relationship
Now It’s Your Turn
How do you add good drama to your relationship? Perhaps you can add to the list of ideas above. I’d love to hear from you. What one of the four proven ways do you plan to implement in your relationship? Feel free to share your ideas.